The Brain Injury Needs Indicator (BINI)

The BINI was developed at the request of the Department of Health after the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) and local authorities raised concern that people with brain injury can lack insight into their deficits.

It is a free, simple tool you can use alongside your standard assessment to compare information from the person, their support network and health/care professional.

The BINI is referenced in the statutory guidance for the Care Act 2014. It uses brain injury history, level of recovery and level of insight to establish level of risk.  There are currently 400+ registered users, mostly LA and NHS

The BINI has three sections

Section 1: Gathers information about the brain injury history - person's problems will tend to be based on the nature of the brain injury and the level of recovery

Section 2: Asks the person and relatives what problems the person currently has in everyday life (pre-injury/currently)

Section 3: Compares perceptions from person and support network and uses results from sections 1 and 2 to estimate the level of risk: High, Medium or Low

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