Grants for social work practitioners, social work students and other professionals.

The Brain Injury Social Work Group is committed to promoting education in the field of brain injury. The emphasis is on the exchange and development of knowledge for the benefit of the social care workforce in working with people with acquired brain injuries.

To this end BISWG offers a limited number of grants each year to BISWG members, to develop their knowledge of acquired brain injury or to add to the knowledge base of others. Grant applications are particularly encouraged from final year student social workers and qualified social work practitioners, but BISWG grants are also available to members who are not social workers.

Non-members can join BISWG by attaching their membership application and payment to the grant application.

Each financial year BISWG will allocate grants for oral or poster presentations at conferences outside the UK and smaller grants to attend training and conferences in the UK

Grants are available for attending training and conferences about brain injury and for presenting oral or poster presentations about brain injury at conferences or workshops.

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Grants can be used to pay for the registration fee for conferences, training and the cost of associated travel and/or accommodation.

1. Approval of the grant must be gained from the BISWG trustees in advance.

2. Expenses will be reimbursed on the production of original receipts. (Applicants should keep a copy for their own records).

3. Receipts must be accompanied by a review of the conference/training which should be in a format which can be used on the BISWG website and newsletter (PDF/Word).

4. If presenting at a conference or workshop, acknowledgement of support from BISWG should appear on your presentation (BISWG logo which we will supply).
5. Grants are available on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

6. In order to maximise the use of BISWG funds, applicants will be expected to consider cost effective alternatives before claiming overnight accommodation or peak time fares.

7. If your application is successful you will be asked to provide your bank details so that payment can be made directly into your account.

The Trustees will also consider applications for grants from individuals and regional groups for any other purpose which is consistent with the aims of BISWG, e.g. to support attendance of a speaker at a regional group meeting.

Applications should be made by completing the Grant Application Form

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change, depending on demand, and availability of BISWG funds.

Applying for a grant

Please complete the form below. If your application is successful we will contact you confirming the maximum amount available on production of original receipts and advising you of any other terms and conditions.