Mental Capacity

Mental Capacity Assessment Template

Dr Melanie George has produced a template which serves as a guide for those carrying out Mental Capacity Act (2005) assessments with people who have a brain injury (including stroke) or other neurological condition. The template has been developed in accordance with NICE guidance on decision making and mental capacity (2018).

Template for MCA 20 April 19

Frontal Lobe Paradox

You may also like to read the following articles written by Dr George and Dr Gilbert which help to explain the complex issues surrounding mental capacity for people with acquired brain injuries

George, M and Gilbert, S (2018)
‘Mental Capacity Act 2005 assessments: why everyone needs to know about the frontal lobe paradox’
The Neuropsychologist, Volume 5, p59-66

Dr Andy Mantell is a trustee of BISWG and has written a guide for Community Care on this subject. You can read a shortened version of the guide via this link - which also leads to the full guide available for Community Care Subscribers.



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