ABI Practice Guidance

Practice Guidance for Social Workers working with people with an  
acquired brain injury

The Brain Injury Social Work Group (BISWG) and the British Association  
of Social Workers (BASW) have developed a piece of practice guidance  
to assist social workers who may be working with people with an ABI  
where this is not a presenting problem.


The guidance aims to increase awareness among social workers of the  
condition and to provide advice about what an acquired brain injury is  
and how social work intervention can help. It also links to the  
appropriate level of knowledge and skills as identified in the  
Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and the Knowledge and Skills  
Statement for adults and child and family social work.


Please click on the pdf below to view the publication. If you would  
like to order a hard copy please email info@biswg.co.uk

ABI Practice Guidance BISWIG

In March 2019 the British Association of Social Work (BASW) worked with BISWG Trustees, Drs Andy Mantell and Mark Holloway to broadcast a webinar called Understanding People Affected by Brain Injury: Practice Guidance for Social Workers.


We feel that this training and guidance is essential for all social workers given that acquired brain injury is often unidentified yet responsible for long term issues and cognitive difficulties. 

The format of the webinar was a 40 minute presentation followed by 40 minutes of questions. The webinar was attended by 131 people and a further 265 have viewed the recorded webinar on YouTube since the event. A link to the recording is available below 

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