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The Brain Injury Social Work Group (BISWG) and the British Association  
of Social Workers (BASW) have published a piece of practice guidance  
to assist social workers who may be working with people with an ABI.  
The guidance will be made available through BASW and BISWG and will be  
distributed through PSW. Please click on the pdf on http://www.biswg.co.uk/resources/ to access this  
publication or email info@biswg.co.uk to order a hard copy.

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BISWG Ltd is not able to provide assistance/guidance with individual cases to members. It is a group principally for Social Workers (though we welcome other professionals working in this field) Its aim is to provide an information and networking resource for its members. All members of the committee have employment in the brain injury field and their work with BISWG Ltd is voluntary in addition to this.